The Wolf Lord’s Lady – v1 Illustrations

Hi, all!

Thanks to those donating ko-fi for me, I finally bought The Wolf Lord’s Lady, volume I! ???

I apologize because I haven’t translated the later chapters yet, so now I came bearing the first volume’s illustrations instead!

Before I get to it, please, please, please support the author if you can afford it by buying the book. It’s easy in bookwalker; you only need to make an account and choose Paypal to check out, and done! Besides, you’re going to get coins that you can use to buy another book, no questions asked. Here’s the link to The Wolf Lord’s Lady series!

Presented to you the beautiful, beautiful artworks that’s going to make you want to reread the chapters.

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Upstart Pastry Chef Vol. 1 & 2 Illustrations

Which aren’t insert pages and thus has no place other than a special one in my heart.

When I started translating this title, no one shared the illustrations of the content yet. :”D So thank you so much for the access, Bear-san!

Vol. 1 Cover Art
Vol 1: The Vow and Golden Madeleine Arnold
Jörg Arnold            |            Faruno Fernande            |             Tina          |            Kurt Arnold
Vol. 2 Cover
Vol. 2: A New Love and Light Snow Silk Crepe