Chapter 2: Raspberry and Honey

Editor: King of the End

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The flower garden is covering one side of the forest that has been cleared out. There are small and cute white flowers sprouting on canes as tall as a person which are planted here. These are raspberries. Tina and I created this garden by planting the split root and crown of the wild raspberry canes from the forest.

“Wow, Kurt-sama. They are so pretty!”

Tina lets out a high pitched voice in excitement, admiring the garden in front of her. Turning around with a smile, Tina who has been assisting me in this garden looks pretty too.

“Indeed they are. The flowers are wonderful too, but soon we can harvest the raspberries. Exciting, isn’t it?”

“Yes! I love sweet and sour raspberries!”

We didn’t create this garden to admire flowers. The Arnold family’s governed land is poor. The new village I govern is even poorer. In such cases, there’s no time to raise ornamental flowers.

Then, why on earth would we grow these plants? The reason is obvious: to fulfill the dream of becoming the best pastry chef in the world. Raspberries can become sweets’ ingredient, but that’s not my only goal. Raspberries are a perennial plant that can be harvested twice a year, meaning they can be found growing wildly in this mountain, so they are strong against sickness and insects, and easy to handle.

In the corner of this garden, we’ve lined up ten wooden boxes around 50 cm tall. In the bottom part of the wooden boxes, there’s a passage used by bees, which are coming in and out busily.

“The bees are just as happy with the raspberries. They suck a lot of nectar.”

“Raspberry flower’s nectar is sweet. The honey produced from raspberries will be delicious and have a refined sweet taste.”

Tina and I have been working on beekeeping. Contrary to Japan, sweet flavors in this world are extremely precious. I can’t obtain the first indispensable ingredient in sweets: sugar. Other than sugar, sweetness can come from fruits, or honey. The first one is highly influenced by seasons, but honey is sustainable.

Unless I can get a stable source of honey, there’s nothing I can do. Luckily, there are wild honey bees in my fief. I made the best use of my beekeeping experience back in Japan. Since my parent’s home’s livelihood in Yamanashi were orchards and beekeeping, my knowledge was more than sufficient.

I’ve thought about collecting honey without working on beekeeping, but it’s difficult to find wild nests. We have to crush the nest every time we collect honey. The number decreases startlingly fast if we do it too often. Besides, there’s another problematic issue: we can only collect a small amount of honey from wild nests to begin with.

“Tina, are you ready?”

“Yes, Kurt-sama!”

We put on hemp clothes that covers our whole bodies. They’re heavy enough to protect us from bee stings and they mask the scent that the bees hate. The honey bees have a calm temperament and won’t aggressively assault humans themselves, but they will come rushing to attack anyone who gets close to their hive.

We approach the wooden boxes carefully. Hundreds of bees come swarming around us. I ignore them and take off the lid of the wooden box. The bees were startled and vigorously flew out to the sky in an instant. I stretch my hand into the box to push through those bees.

Inside the box, there are ten wooden frames place in equal intervals. Each frame contains honeycombs. I take out one honey frame. There are countless numbers of hexagonal sacs just like in a natural bee nests. Inside them, there are pupae and larvae… as well as a great amount of accumulated honey, proven by how a honey color coats the wax.

With a brush, I remove the bees clinging to the comb.

“The honey is gathered at last.”

Tina gulps and purrs. She has been waiting for a very long time.

“It takes a very long time, doesn’t it?”

We started this beekeeping activity three years ago. The first year was a disaster. We did find a wild bee nest, then moved the queen bee and worker bees to our wooden box, but they were totally annihilated due to bad workmanship of the box.
Afterwards, we remade the wooden box over and over again without feeling discouraged. Through trial and error, somehow we reached the point of enabling honeycombs to form inside.

From then, the colony got larger. It was good that we succeeded in increasing the number of bees, but since the number of worker bees weren’t enough, the honey was used to breed. We couldn’t harvest it.

First, we devoted ourselves to increasing the number of bees by adding more hives. However, since we didn’t prepare the countermeasures against cold weather, once winter came, the bees were totally annihilated.

We started the second year by increasing the number of bees in the same method. The bees could get through winter somehow. Moreover, in order to reduce the food insufficiency from the increased number, we planted a flower garden near the boxes. If the bees had to look far for nectar, even the worker bees would end up feeding on it instead. By preparing plenty of food nearby, the amount of honey preserved in the hives would dramatically accumulate.

Then, today, we’ve finally reached this point.

“How is it, Kurt-sama? Is it good enough?”

“It’s a success. The honeycombs are filled to the brim. Look, you can see right now how it’s dripping. It looks great.” I answer while taking out the tool to adjust the bee combs on the side of the hive.

The tool is called an extractor. It is shaped like a drum, with a metal fitting to enable the honeycombs to be fixed vertically inside. …The principle sounds simple, but it’s actually complicated. Still, we could build it somehow.

Inserting the honeycomb frame in a snug fit, I cut off the honey wax which clings to the cap first, with a knife. Honey turns into wax and naturally functions as a hard cap. After I cap off the honey, the golden-colored syrupy honey oozes out, piling up at the bottom of the extractor.

“Well then, I’ll start.”

There is a handwheel handle on top of the extractor. When I spin it, the inner part of the hardening honeycomb rotates, which causes honey to steadily flow from the centrifugal force.

It’s a primitive method. The hive gets air-compressed and the honey is thoroughly extracted. There certainly are other ways to take the honey. However, they would end up breaking the beehive. By using centrifugal force, I can take out the honey and reuse the hive.

After returning the honeycomb into the beehive, the bees come flying back too. We can harvest again next year this way. It’s a hard labor for bees to make a hive. If we let them rebuild it from scratch, they would need to allocate more time to breed worker bees. They won’t have time to stockpile honey and the amount of honey we could harvest next year would be greatly reduced.

Basically, after extracting the honey, I return the honeycomb into the hive and come back later with a new comb. I work on the whole hives. Tina switches with me when I get tired in the middle of the process.

“Whoa, there’s really a lot in there, Kurt-sama! It’s the first time I’ve seen this much honey!”

With sparkling eyes, Tina’s tail is swinging around. In this era, acquiring honey is a real treat. Even if we’re scouring the forest all day long without rest, there’s no guarantee that we’ll find a wild bee nest. And even if we do, there’s only a small amount of honey preserved inside the nest.

“Yes. Finally, we get the result of our hard work. Honestly, I thought that it was impossible so many times.”

For two full years we couldn’t harvest any honey. Tina had been a great help all along. We change places to collect the honey oozing out from a single wooden box and throw off the stuffy clothes.

“Can I lick it?!”

“Wait for a while. I’ll finish up real soon.”

I went and return with a huge bucket. Then, I put on a coarse fabric as a filter. Honey that has just been poured out from the hives contains rubbish, larvae, carcasses, husks, fragments of combs and other stuff mixed inside. I clean the honey in one go this way. If I don’t do this, the honey won’t be edible. Then, finally, the honey is collected. There’s about 13 liters of honey from a single wooden box. This feels great.

“Now, let’s give it a taste.”


Tina and I dip our fingers into the honey. The honey stickily coats our fingers. Then, we lick it off.

Sweet. So sweet that my cheeks are loosening up. I can taste a hint of sourness, is it because this is the honey made from raspberries? Tina holds both of her cheeks, making high-pitched sounds that doesn’t sound like a human’s voice, then shows the best smile she has. Seems like she really likes it.

“We should collect from the rest of the boxes tomorrow. Let’s go home now. I want to make sweets with this honey right after we get back.”

“Whoa, Kurt-sama’s sweets! I’m excited!”

Tina’s eyes sparkle, with her tail swinging happily.

“I’m going to make amazing sweets, sweeter than anything you’ve tasted before. Look forward to it.”

“That… I’m so happy I can die now.”

Geez, Tina sure likes to exaggerate. The sweets I’ve been making for Tina only use wild grapes or akebi fruits from this mountain. Although they carry a hint of sweetness, I think they are still not enough to be called as sweets. However, I’ve obtained honey now. First-rate quality honey at that, even.

I haven’t shown off my skills in a long while.

I can make real sweets!

Now, as the first step to make my dream in this world come true, let’s bake the best sweets I can do.

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Red honey photo from Keez Beez.

Translator’s Notes:
Second chapter! I’m loving the technical details when I’m the one reading. Translating them, on the other hand, is a monster. Not to mention that I think the character count of this chapter is longer than the previous one. Sobs.

The natural resource is abundant, but the fief and villages are poor? Well, they just need MC to become rich, it seems!

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Chapter 1: The First Step to Sweets Making

Editor: King of the End

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The noon passes.

I mingled with the workers and continued working on the reclamation. By doing this together, a person’s labor lessens and I can deal with any trouble that happens on the spot.

“Everyone, I brought your lunches!!”

With her silver hair and fox ears swaying in the wind, Tina shows up with the women villagers. In their hands, there are picnic baskets filled with plenty of bread.

“Everyone, that’s our lunch! After eating, let’s work a little more!”

The workers run to the women. Having done nothing but physical labor, of course they would feel hungry. They practically devour the simple freshly baked salted bread with dried blueberries. Even though the bread is modest, slowly and carefully hand-kneaded bread is delicious.


With this, we can pull out our best effort in the afternoon as well.

“Young Master, see you tomorrow!”
“Young Master, thank you again for today!”
“My, when Kurt-sama arrived, our jobs went really well. We feel safe even if someone’s hurt. We can even eat meals. We’re really grateful!”

I wave my hands towards the people who bid their farewells one by one. It’s still around 3 PM, but our job today is finished. Doing reclamation means dividing the labors so that we could have more food to eat in the future. If it’s only the wheat grown by the women and children, the fief’s population will starve. That’s why, we have an early round up, so that we have time to hunt and forage in the mountains and rivers.

This area has abundant natural resources. Everyone in this village is blessed by not having to worry about filling their stomachs.

However, in order to have an early round up, we have to advance efficiently. It’s exactly because everyone does their jobs well that we can finish up early.

The neighboring village used to be the most advanced village in reclamation, but since our village surpassed it, they can only advance further to take back that first place. However, I heard that since their work slowed down, they couldn’t eat satisfying meals.

“Good job today, Kurt-sama.”

Tina ran over and gave me cold water. I gratefully accept it. The water is more delicious than usual. I can taste a subtle acidity. This is the source of the deliciousness.


“This water, it’s delicious.”

“I received cowberries from the village ladies for Kurt-sama. I tried squeezing and mixing it. Everyone from this village seems to respect and feel grateful to Kurt-sama. I feel proud as Kurt-sama’s maid.”

“It was really tough for you at first, though.”

It’s been three years since I started managing this pioneering village. At first, there were insults and gossips when I came to be the village head as the eldest son of the Arnold family.

“All is thanks to Kurt-sama’s best efforts!”

I feel a little embarrassed. The works I’ve been doing for three years is finally acknowledged. Doing better in advancing than any of the other villages is my pride.

“Thank you, Tina. You do know that you don’t have to go out with me, right? You work for the Arnold family. Helping with these things aren’t within your duties. You can just do housework inside the house. Shouldn’t you return to the main village’s mansion? It’s inconvenient to be in this pioneering village, right?”

“I don’t want that. I work for Kurt-sama, not for the Arnold family. Wherever you are, that’s the place I want to be at.”

After saying that, Tina opens out her arms. I take those hands.

The eldest son of a baronet. If stature is all it’s about, I’m desirable. However, my younger brother Jörg is the one who’ll inherit everything.

This is because I’m not an existence who can become “a certain genius”. The other servants desperately try to curry favor with my younger brother and avoid getting involved with me. Tina is the only one who actively reaches out to me.

“Rather than me, isn’t it better to curry favor with my brother Jörg?”

“No way. I love Kurt-sama.”

“In the near future, whether I’ll be expelled from this house or not will depend on Jörg’s assistance. He might not be able to see me as someone favorable to get involved with.”

In the family, there will be only one person who inherits the noble title. The one who doesn’t inherit the Baronet title won’t have a bright future. I’m making arrangements so that, at least, it won’t turn out as such, but this is still an undoubtedly dangerous situation.

“It doesn’t have anything to do with that. Even if you’re not an Arnold, Kurt-sama is Kurt-sama. If Kurt-sama is expelled from the family, let’s go to a town together! We can start our second life there! I haven’t touched any money you’ve given to me until now. If it’s just you alone, I’ll show you that I can take care of you, Kurt-sama.”

I understand from her voice that Tina is 100% serious.


“Don’t say stupid things. …But, well, even if I go to a town and do a common job, if I’m with you it might be fun too.”

My imagination ran on its own. Throwing away everything, living not as Kurt Arnold, but just as Kurt, towards a future together with Tina.

“It will be fun.”

“But, I can’t. I’ve come this far already. I have a dream. To make my dream come true, I have to be here. It’s alright, even though I can’t inherit the feudal lord title, I’ll arrange everything so this village will gain its freedom.”

It’s not like I’ve given up to be the feudal lord. I will strive until my last breath.

“Kurt-sama’s dream can’t be fulfilled if not here, indeed. …But, Kurt-sama, I was relieved when I heard that you were staying in this village. Let’s go to our usual place immediately. Look, to our secret place. It’s time to see the fruit of our efforts.”

“Yeah. You’re right. Let’s go. The first step to make my dream come true.”

Tina laughs. I get pulled into laughing too.

I have three secrets. First, I have the memories of being born in Japan and aiming to be the best pâtissier in the world. Second, I’m still aiming to become the best pâtissier in the world, in this world. Third, in order to fulfill my dream, I will make a secret base with Tina.

We will clear out the forest and claim the open fields. The whole land will become flower fields. That will become the secret base to make my dream come true.

To make wonderful pastries, superb ingredients are necessary.

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Blueberry Bread photo from New England Today.

Cowberry Water photo from To Discover Russia.

Translator’s Note:
This is faster than prologue! Thank you Google translate-sama. I ran through confusing sentences in it before trying to figure out the actual meaning (MT sobs), though it doesn’t provide learning opportunities to become better translator. Anyway, I tried translating the same phrases differently so the passage doesn’t come off as repetitive. (gosh)

The author only uses the term “okashi”, but I’m using “sweets” and “pastry” interchangeably.

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Prologue: Kurt’s Daily Life

Editor: King of the End

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Vol. 1: A Vow and Golden Madeleine Arnold


I want to be the best pastry chef in the world. That is my dream. Even if I die, this wish will never change.

Or so I thought… but I could never guess that my dream would still be the same even after being reborn.

I died, then I was reborn as the son of a poor family in another world. However, even now, I’m still aiming to become a pastry chef.

Under the showering morning sunshine, I wield a spear in an open space.

Stab, stab, I put precise intention in each move. With my flowing strength and breath, I polish myself, scraping off the useless elements from each stab.

I’m always training like sharpening blades. It was simply nothing but polishing myself continuously to become sharper, more flexible. Spear-training is the destiny of those who were born in the Arnold family.

“Kurt-sama! I brought you some breakfast.”

Around the time when I settled down, a lone girl came approaching. She’s my personal servant, a girl with distinctive silver hair and fox ears in the same color. I’ve always unconsciously thought of her as a child, but recently, she has gradually grown up to become a woman, which startled me.

“Thank you. You’re a great help, Tina.”

I take out a sandwich from the picnic basket that she brought with her. The sandwich is a simple dish made from rye oat bread and cheese inside, but I can taste the attentiveness to details. It’s delicious. Giving the finishing touches of a casual dish to become a delicacy is the hardest thing to do.


Exactly when I felt thirsty, Tina already took out a water container, pouring tea into a wooden cup. The cool tea eased up my warmed up body comfortably.

“Yes, today’s food is just as pleasant as usual. Thanks to Tina’s meal, I can always do my best.”

I rustle her hair. The sensation from her silky hair and fox ears is truly pleasant.

“Hmph, Kurt-sama! You’re treating me like a child again!”

“But you’re still a child, right?”

“A beastkin becomes an adult really fast!”

I’m 15 years old, Tina is 13. Just as she said, beastkin grow up really fast. That’s why even though she’s just 13, her charms have become apparent already.

“Because I’ve known you since you were so small, I can’t help but to always treat you like a child.”

She wasn’t even 10 when I met her, merely a child at that time. Things happened, and now it has already been three years since I picked her up and brought her to my house. The thought of her growing up into this beautiful girl never passed my mind back then.

“Well then, shall we go? Everyone is waiting.”

“Ah, Kurt-sama, please wait for me!”

As I walk away in quick steps, Tina follows me in a hurry.

Let’s work hard today as well.

I’m Kurt Arnold, the eldest son in the Baronetcy of Arnold. The Arnold family serves as a vassal to the Federal Empire.

The territory of the Arnold Baronetcy encompasses a vast land in the northernmost border of the Federal Empire, but there’s a wide mountain range of backwoods region beyond. While the Arnold family protects the Federal Empire from monsters and enemies from the north, this fief’s livelihood comes from land reclamation and increasing harvest quantity.

The population amounts to approximately 500 people, spread out in five villages. Being entrusted with the newest pioneering village, I’m leading around 50 settlers to advance in land reclamation.

Last year, the first stage of the reclamation was finally done, as we crossed a field which could yield agricultural products. Growing wheat is the duty allocated to women and children.

Right now, I’ve arrived at my destination. This land is still a mess. Weeds are popping up everywhere, while rocks are rolling about. We’ve cut down the trees, but there are tree stumps all over the place. We’re turning this into a farming field.

Muscular men have already gathered to start working. These are the people of my fief of whom I’m really fond.

“Oh, Young Master. You’ve arrived!”

“Young Master, we’re saved! There’s an annoying stump that we can’t pull out at all!”

“No, an injured person is more urgent! Please excuse me, Kurt-sama. That Abel has his arm nearly done over, would you please take a look at it?”

These people rushed over in ragged breath as soon as my figure is visible to them.
This is the front line of our reclamation duty. In the already reclaimed land, the women and children are growing provisions, while the men work to clear up more plots of land. I listen to each and every one of them, then sort the tasks in a priority list.

“That tree stump is impossible for anyone else, so can you tie a rope around it? I’ll be aiding the injured person for the time being.”

“Young Master, I’ll leave it to you!”

“As expected, Young Master is really dependable.”

The men who are proud of their strength are praising me one by one, leaving the stubborn tree stump to me. This slender, 15 year old me. There’s a secret to that.

“So, where’s the injured person?”

“He’s resting in the shade of a tree over there.”

“Let’s hurry.”

I follow one of the workers approaching a youth who leans on the trunk of a big tree. He’s pressing down a piece of cloth, which is stained by blood.

“Are you alright, Abel?”

“Kurt-sama, forgive me for being a burden. I think there’s hematoma.”

“It’s alright. Injuries will always be a part of the job. Show me the wound.”

Abel pulls off the cloth he pressed on his arm before, confirming the wound. It’s deeper than I imagined.

“It seems like it must be stitched. I’ll stitch the wound.”

“I’m really sorry to trouble you…”

I open the first aid box that I’ve prepared before. First, I let him chew on a hygienic piece of cloth so he won’t bite his tongue. Then, I wash over the wound’s surface with a strong alcohol. I stitch the wound with a needle, then roll the bandage around it until it’s completely wrapped.

“Abel, it’s alright to go home today. Until the wound is closed, take a three day rest. Don’t do any physical job or your wound will reopen. After about a week, I’ll remove the thread and re-examine it.”

“I’m indebted to you, Kurt-sama.” Abel bows his head down.

I was aware that people around me were staring at my hands in deep interest, as stitching wounds was something truly rare. As I finish the deed, everyone opens their mouths simultaneously.

“That’s really skillful. The wound is deep, but he can stop the bleeding in a short time.”

“Young Master is amazing. He gives appropriate instructions on the reclamation project and shows deep knowledge in medical treatment!”

“From the tax gathered from everyone, we can eat proper meals. Doing my job to this extent is a natural thing to do.” With blushing cheeks, I speak modestly.

Since it’s considerably dangerous, doctors won’t come to this kind of remote region. Even so, there are many people who are wounded on-site or due to their work. I’m doing self-studies so that I can become everyone’s strength, even if it’s just a little. If I can be useful, I’ll proudly do it.

“Young Master, you are the only one who can say that, you know? The others, they can only squeeze and squeeze us to give them taxes without doing anything.”

“Yet Young Master cannot inherit the title of the next Feudal Lord, huh?”

“Hey, you!”

The words that some people murmured in passing are being rebuked by the others. And the people who said they wanted me to succeed closed their mouths as soon as they said it.

I laughed bitterly. …Most likely, my younger brother will succeed the Arnold Baronetcy instead of me. I have a crucial flaw and I can’t reach it with my own power. The reason why the last worker warned the other one must be about this. However, I haven’t given up.

“Don’t mind it. I’m the one who understands it the most.”

“But, Young Master.”

“Speak no further. More importantly, let’s continue our job.”

They’ve showed a bad attitude, then on the other hand, they feel bad about it. The air is tense. To neutralize the situation, we head over to the problematic tree stump. A rope is properly tied all over it.

I slowly close my eyes, circulating my mana. …Mana, the magic power of the chosen ones. By simply letting it circulate, a man can strengthen his physical abilities or increase his self-healing power.

Among the chosen ones, it seems a few of them will come out in the open about their ability to use magic. However, regretfully, I couldn’t reach that mental state yet.

Confirming that the mana has reached the necessary level, I take the rope in my hand, then pull it forcefully. I can feel a strong resistance, but my strength can still increase as well.

Finally, the tree gives out. There are loud echoing rounds of applause around me. I laugh proudly, and they respond to it.

Today’s reclamation is doing fine as well.

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Translator’s Note:

Yes, the name of the empire is Federal. (lol) Talk about confusing.

Edit: Kitsune will be translated as fox from now on. 🙂

The author only gave one term: “ryoumin”. It is literally “fief’s people”. To be politically(?) correct, I think it should be “serfs”. But it’s just unnatural to have in casual sentences, so I’ve been using “serfs”, “people”, “villagers”, and “worker” interchangeably. I’ll also do so in the future chapters. Another suggestion would be “settler”, so I’ll use that when it fits.

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Upstart Pastry Chef ~Territory Management of A Genius Pâtissier~

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Kurt was born to a poor Baronetcy of Arnold. He was a genius pastry chef in the previous world.

While increasing the wealth of his fief as the feudal lord, he aims for his past unfulfilled dream, to become the greatest pastry chef in the world. Making honey, building orchards with elves, trading, he gathers ingredients for his pastries, those which give a whole new taste that no one ever sees before in another world…

Huge profit from selling special products, extremely high praise from Ducal house as temporary pâtissier, the shop that he builds in the capital city becomes a big hit!

This is a sweet tale of pastries and being surrounded by kind people.

RAW: here

Author: Tsukiyo Rui

~ ☘ ~

WARNING: Volume and chapter titles will contain spoilers, read ahead at your own risk, yo.

☘ = chapter is translated

? = chapter with illustration


Vol. 1: Vow and Golden Madeleine Arnold

Prologue: Kurt’s Daily Life ☘?
Chapter 1: The First Step to Sweets Making ☘
Chapter 2: Raspberry and Honey ☘?
Chapter 3: Honey Cookies of the Beginning ☘
Chapter 4: Dream as Sweet as Desserts ☘
Chapter 5: Once Upon a Night’s Talk ☘
Chapter 6: Baronet of Arnold ☘?
Chapter 7: Bloodline and Duel ☘
Chapter 8: Declaration of War ☘?
Chapter 9: Margrave Fernande ☘?
Chapter 10: The Kind Man’s Unnecessary Concern ☘
Chapter 11: Kurt’s Magic and Special Training’s Preparation ☘
Chapter 12: The Cabbage, The Sword, and Special Training ☘?
Chapter 13: Commoner’s Snack ☘
Chapter 14: Earth Magic Arte Awakens ☘?
Chapter 15: A New Weapon and A Vow with Tina
Chapter 16: Gathering Pastry’s Ingredients
Chapter 17: Walnut Oil of the Forest’s Blessing ☘
Chapter 18: Venison and Walnut Special Cuisine ☘
Chapter 19: The Selection Ceremony ☘
Chapter 20: Conclusion ☘??
Chapter 21: A Father’s Feelings and A Son’s Feelings ☘
Chapter 22: Madeleine Arnold ☘??
Chapter 23: The Festival ☘
Chapter 24: Sweet Future within the Pastry ☘?
Epilogue: Engagement and the Future of Arnold ☘?

Vol. 2: New Love and Light Snow Silk Crepe

Prologue: Brand New Daily Life ☘?
Chapter 1: Faruno’s Butler ☘
Chapter 2: An Ordinary Treat ☘?
Chapter 3: Volg’s Expectations and Mead ☘?
Chapter 4: The Distance to Jörg ☘
Chapter 5: Spiky Konpeitō ☘
Chapter 6: Departure to Marquis Fernandes 
Chapter 7: Bandits ☘
Chapter 8: Sweet Smelling Baked Apple ☘?
Chapter 9: White Rose and Black Rose Cookies ☘?
Chapter 10: The Fated Judgment ☘
Chapter 11: Heart Reflecting Croquembouche ☘??
Chapter 12: A Date with Faruno and Eclaba’s Darkness ☘?
Chapter 13: Miracle and Compensation ☘
Chapter 14: New Comrades ☘
Chapter 15: Reunion with Faruno ☘
Chapter 16: Raspberry Tart of Blessings and Bonds ☘
Chapter 17: A Strange Visitor ☘
Chapter 18: The Resolution to Set Off ☘?
Chapter 19: To Spirit Village ☘
Chapter 20: Pinal Fruit ☘?
Chapter 21: Kudzu and The Meeting
Chapter 22: Lives and Rules ☘
Chapter 23: I Won’t Let This Man Die ☘
Chapter 24: Kudzu Starch and Special Wine ☘?
Chapter 25: Light Snow Silk Crepe ☘??
Chapter 26: Even If I Lie ☘
Chapter 27: Quite An Escape Route ☘
Epilogue: The Return ☘?

Vol. 3: Pride and Jet Black Imperial Torte

Prologue: Invitation from Ducal House ☘?
Chapter 1: Increasingly High Hurdle ☘
Chapter 2: The Departure ☘??
Chapter 3: Pastry More Expensive than An Estate ☘
Chapter 4: Dragon Carriage ☘??
Chapter 5: Duchess Renalier ☘??
Chapter 6: Kurt Arnold, The Cook ☘
Chapter 7: Tuna Steak Tartare ☘?
Chapter 8: Eclaba’s Ingredients ☘
Chapter 9: Black Sugar, White Sugar ☘
Chapter 10: Bouillon de Légumes and Clear Soup ☘
Chapter 11: Duke Härtling ☘?
Chapter 12: Four Great Dukes’ Banquet ☘
Chapter 13: The Truly New, Best Full Course ☘?
Chapter 14: Jade Roasted Duck ☘
Chapter 15: Imperial Torte ☘?
Chapter 16: The Dance Party
Chapter 17: Kurt Arnold’s Conviction
Chapter 18: Peaceful Time and The Bright Future
Chapter 19: Separation and New Love’s Hot Chocolate
Epilogue: To Arnold Fief

Vol. 4: Gratitude and Crown Chocolate of Friendship

Prologue: I’m Home, Arnold
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Chapter 21
Epilogue: Roses and The Crown Chocolate

Vol. 5: Truffle Torte Dedicated to the King

Prologue: Arrival at the Imperial Capital
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Chapter 21
Epilogue: Upstart Pastry Chef