☘ Upstart Pastry Chef, Vol. 3 Ch. 13

I— I’m late by three days. So ashamed. Sorry guys, but this is a food fest, there’s a lot of more foodie stuffs inside (and an insert illustration), so, enjoy?

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Note2: I will keep translating today to bring what I owe you for those daily chapters ahahaha.

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☘ Upstart Pastry Chef, Vol. 3 Ch. 10

Early chapter because I’ve put another chapter in the buffer. xD And I’d love to play around with my new toy: A self-hosted website! It doesn’t matter if you actively comment here or not, I just want to ask, is there’s something I really must not do in the website? Is there something I should do?

There’ll be ads, but it won’t be obtrusive, that I promise. Tell me here what you think about it, okay? Because I still want to talk to you over there too. Q_Q

In any case, here you go:

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☘ Upstart Pastry Chef, Vol. 3 Ch. 7

I managed 3 chapters yesterday. 8D But I need more, more stockpiling.

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Actually, I’m also in dire need of money right now to keep the house hahah. o)–( Still trying to get other source of stable income, but if I can get them from translating, it’ll be pretty amazing. If you can commission me, I’ll be forever grateful. <3