1 Week Hiatus! (Edit: Longer…)

Hey guys, seeing that I’ve been giving regular updates for the past month, I’d feel bad to go away for a week without any notice. So yeah, I have several deadlines coming this weekend, and probably additional injury time… xD

That means no chapter for next Friday and Monday.

Aug 10: Life status update: I’m currently juggling 4 events in three weeks, and it’s the worst case of micromanaging due to not having staffs or volunteers… SO. PRAY THAT I STAY ALIVE.

Please wait for my return, thank you!

☘ Upstart Pastry Chef, Vol. 2 Ch. 5

Wait what. I just realized that today is Friday… I thought it was Thursday! So that’s why the page for UPC’s last chapter was published… But I forgot to make the post. So here it is. Sorry guys.

☘ Chapter 5: Spiky Konpeitō

On the other hand… No one wants my art? Aww… 🙁 Okay, fine, I get it, you’d rather have a new chapter. 🙁

♕ Herscherik, Book 1, Ch. 2 Part 1

Read from the start (fuwafuwatales)

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Isecai’s Important Notes: 

Alterations so far:

  • Greysis kingdom —> Greisis kingdom. Somehow the katakana reminds me of “crisis”, which is why I modify it to be more similar.
  • ソルイエ (Herscherik’s dad) —> Soleil. It sounds more like “Soluier” though, so if any of you wants to suggest something better, I’m game.
  • I’ll keep Japanese suffixes in direct sentences. For those unfamiliar:
    • Otou-sama = Esteemed Father
  • While talking about his past life, I’m using female pronouns.

▼▼▼ Sorry to keep you waiting, the chapter will start below. ▼▼▼

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